Single Stretcher with Control Panel Tower


  • 1920 Liter Medical Oxygen System with remote fill port
  • Vacuum System - 10.7 Lpm @ 15 inches Hg
  • Medical Air System - 18.2 Lpm @ 50 psi
  • 28 VDC Electrical System
  • 110 VAC - 500 Watt Electrical System - 2 Outlets
  • 220 VAC - Option
  • Choice of DIS, Ohmeda, Puritan-Bennett, or Chemetron Outlets


Single Stretcher Features


  • 72" Length X 18" Width X 4" Height
  • 34 Lb - Aluminum aircraft construction
  • Controlled backrest and tapered design
  • TSO approved safety restraints
  • Durable thick ultimate comfort mattress

Low Cost Helicopter Air Ambulance


Low operating costs and aircraft systems designed for easy field maintenance make the FH1100 a good choice for your helicopter air ambulance solution.



FH1100 Air Ambulance Helicopter


In 1970 the FH1100 helicopter became the first and only civil turbine powered helicopter to be used to provide a large scale, multi helicopter state wide air ambulance service.

Located in Mississippi the statewide program was designated Project CARE-SOM. Funding was provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT) and administered by Mississippi State University under DOT contract.


Three FH1100 air ambulance equipped helicopters provided 24/7 air ambulance and hospital transfer service for 38 primary counties and statewide intra and interstate hospital transfer service.

In September of 1970, after successfully completing the program, a 239 page report with 1162 mission summaries was published titled:

— Project CARE-SOM —

Stretcher System



The FH1100 air ambulance helicopter can be configured for single or double stretchers.


The Med-Pac single stretcher option is an FAA approved, self contained, multi-featured, fully integrated air med transport platform.


The integrated control tower provides complete operating control over system components located in the stretcher platform base.


Quick disconnects to aircraft power provide the ability to remove the stretcher platform base with stretcher attached, without disconnecting the patient support system.